Chronic Disease Management Plan CDM plan

30 minute consult $Gap Charged

Have you been given a CDM plan by you doctor?

Does your CDM incorporate some visits to the podiatrist?

If so, then we are able to cater to your podiatry needs. Commonly people who have a CDM plan created for them have a diagnosis of diabetes or arthritis, but a plenitude of other chronic diseases will also enable you to be eligible. If you are unsure, we recommend that you talk to your GP regarding your needs.

At The Podiatry Place @ Henley we don’t believe in short changing you and wish to provide you with a high quality of care. The Podiatrist will be able to assess after your initial appointment whether or not you will require a 20 minute or 30 minute appointment going forward. This will be based on the complexity of your needs. If your feet have complex needs, then on-going 30 minute appointments will be booked and there will be a gap charged. In the example of a patient who is very simply attending to have their nails trimmed ONLY, then the podiatrist may choose to simply bulk bill the consult.

If you have any questions regarding the CDM plans then please do not hesitate to ring and ask one of our helpful administration staff.

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